Education is not the amount of information that is put into your brain and runs riot there, undigested all your life. We must have life‑building, man‑making, character‑making, assimilation of ideas.

Swami Vivekananda

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Paresh DabasiaEnglish, Maths (Year 1)
Rupesh ShiyaniEnglish, Maths (Year 1)
Pardeep KoriaEnglish, Maths (Year 2)
Disha RabadiaEnglish, Maths (Year 3)
Deepa DabasiaEnglish, Maths (Year 3)
Bhakti DabasiaEnglish (Year 4)
Vahini AssaniMaths (Year 4)
Neelam ChhabhadiyaMaths, English (Year 4)
Vimal BhanderiMaths, English (Year 4)
Binal BhanderiEnglish (Years 5 and 6)
Umesh HirjiMaths (Years 5 and 6)
Pritesh PatelEnglish, Maths (Year 7)
Nilesh BhanderiMaths (Years 8 and 9)
Bhavin DhokiaMaths (Years 8 and 9)
Jabesh BaskarenMaths (Years 8 and 9)
Jaya ShiyaniMaths (Years 10, 11 and 12)
Govindbhai SevaniGujarati
Ushni RabadiaGujarati
Arjanbhai RabadiaGujarati
Hirjibhai ShiyaniGujarati
Ramjibhai VekriyaGujarati
Manisha SevaniGujarati
Jaynti KeraiGujarati
Ashok HiraniGujarati
Govind ShiyaniHinduism
Bipin BhanderiHinduism
Kanjibhai PatelHinduism
Krishna VekriyaHinduism